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Et kurs som tar IT profesjonelle gjennom Office 365 komponenter og alle funksjoner fra oppsett, administrasjon og distribuering til integrering, sameksistens, migrasjon og feilsøking.


Office 365 delivers the capabilities that users demand while allowing IT to stay in control. However, this change requires IT Pros to adapt their traditional client-server skills for the cloud computing era. In this track, IT Pros will see how new features come to Office 365 first, learn about the new tools and processes to migrate on premises workloads to Office 365, and prepare for the new operational role of IT Pros.

Dag 1:

Office 365 for IT Professionals
This session introduces IT professionals to the core foundations of Office 365 that enable the economy of scale and completeness of capability. Get an inside look at how the Office 365 team advances the software, operational processes and team responsibilities that go towards delivering an enterprise class service. Finally, see the management tools and reporting capabilities that IT professionals can use to manage and control their Office 365 environment.

Messaging & Communications services in Office 365
This session introduces the messaging and communications services available through Office 365. Electronic communications are the lifeblood of modern organizations, but challenges with storage, compliance and anywhere access continue to trouble IT professionals. Exchange Online provides IT Professionals the tools to remain in control, manage the increasing volumes of information, protect business communications and deliver exceptional experience across any device. Lync Online provides real-time communications through presence, IM chat, audio/video conferencing capabilities and federation with Skype. Together these technologies allow IT professionals to deliver and manage a comprehensive communications implementation.

Collaboration services in Office 365
This session introduces the collaboration services available through Office 365. Sharing information and working together is more important than ever and Office 365 provides IT an instant implementation of the leading enterprise collaboration platforms. Learn about the capabilities of SharePoint Online and SkyDrive Pro to store, sync, and share files. Understand the capabilities and integration points with Yammer, the enterprise social network.

Dag 2: Productivity tools in Office 365
This session introduces the productivity applications available through Office 365. In addition to running backend productivity services, Office 365 provides rich Office experiences whether you are deploying the full Office client, utilizing Office Web Apps through a browser, or delivering mobile experiences to your users. Understand the options IT professionals have for enabling user self-provisioning, IT managed deployments and patch management.

Getting started with Office 365 deployment
This session details Microsoft’s recommended deployment methodology for Office 365. Deploying a cloud service is unlike a traditional client-server deployment project and requires new skills and methodologies. With Office 365, IT departments can quickly get up and running with a pilot and move to production with the right set of capabilities. Learn about the deployment process, tools and actions used to simplify the start of your Office 365 experience.

Deploying Office 365 in Production (Part 1)
This session details the options and considerations when expanding a pilot Office 365 environment into a production deployment. Unlike on-premises implementations, IT professionals can scale out their Office 365 tenants with ease. However, with added scale, it is important to start to automate user provisioning, add a production domain and set up the desired workloads.

Deploying Office 365 in Production (Part 2)
This session details the steps and actions required when expanding a pilot Office 365 environment into a production deployment. Unlike on-premises implementations, IT professionals can scale out their Office 365 tenants with ease. However, with added scale, it is important to start to automate user provisioning, add a production domain and set up the desired workloads.

Office 365 Deployment Patterns and Practices
This session details common scenarios for deploying Office 365 services. Office 365 provides a breadth of capability, but often there is a key scenario that is the priority. In this session learn about deployment case studies of customers that started with Office 365 ProPlus and added additional services later, customers that have already deployed Yammer and wish to add additional Office 365 services and vice versa. Understand the implications of these deployment approaches and the steps required to expand the service offerings.

Dag 3: Enhancing the Office 365 experience
This session focuses on the additional capabilities that can be enabled after an Office 365 deployment. With the initial work to deploy Office 365 done, IT professionals can easily add new capabilities and scenarios to their environment. Understand the advanced federation options, unifying on-premises and online environments and adding additional capabilities like information rights management and custom apps into the environment.

Exchange Hybrid Environments
This session details the hybrid migration scenarios from Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2013. Exchange & Office 365 are designed together to provide a complete range of migration options to meet the breadth of customer environments and requirements. Learn about the setup tools, migration approaches, management capabilities and common scenarios for hybrid Exchange environments.

Business Intelligence capabilities of Office 365
This session focuses on the Business Intelligence services available through Office 365. The combination of Office and SharePoint Online provide an integrated analytics platform that allows your users to discover and share business insights in dynamic environments. Understand the key features available through collaboration dashboards, multidimensional reports, 3D data visualization tools and self-service analytics.

Exchange Online Protection
This session focuses on email protection and filtering capabilities in Office 365. Exchange Online Protection is Microsoft’s online email protection suite. Understand how to protect your users from spam and malware. Learn about the major configuration options in the service, best practices for implementation projects, migrating from other mail filtering products and services and real world tricks and tips.

Office 365 Service Communications
This session focuses on the Office 365 Service Communications rhythm. As an always up to date service, maintaining communication channels between IT professionals and the Office 365 team is critical. Learn how Office 365 service alterations, upgrades, planned maintenance, and service health are communicated and how to engage with Microsoft.


  • Registrering for Office 365.
  • Forstå og andministrere AD Federation Services.
  • Planlegge og distribuere forskjellige typer migrasjoner.
  • Distribuere og administrere Lync Online, Sharepoint Online og Exchange Online.
  • Bli forberedt til å gjennomføre Microsoft standard sertifiseringer for Office 365.

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