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Python Developer Bundle

Python is a fast-growing area of the software development landscape. It ranks in the top 5 as being the most popular language and it is one of the most in-demand jobs.

Our bundle will help developers to:

  • Learn python basics so that can write simple scripts automating my environment and tools.
  • Learn python web technologies and data access technologies so that can build and maintain high-end web applications for both public and internal consumption.
  • Learn python data exploration technologies like NumPy and AI tech so that can explore and aggregate big data sets for my company's forecasting and AI / deep learning projects.

Get 12 months access to our Python Developer Bundle for just 8,750 Nok (+VAT).

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When it's time for a code review, you can even download the exercise, upload it when you are finished and then rely on instructor feedback to ensure you've grasped the skill at hand. 

What's included:

With the Python Development On-Demand bundle from Global Knowledge you get rich media content, hands-on activities and expert support - which means you can access quality learning content quickly and conveniently.

Course Name Experience Level Number of Hours
GK5165 - Getting Started with Python Beginner


GK5195 - Working with JSON data from Python Beginner


GK5749 - Top 10 Python Language Concepts Beginner


GK5193 - Getting Started with SQLAlchemy Intermediate


GK5196 - Python Apps with SQLite Elective


GK5197 - Building a Command Line Interface (CLI) with Argparse Elective


GK5210 - Working with Remote Directories using OS and Paramiko Elective


GK5270 - Testing Frameworks Elective


GK5194 - Debugging and Profiling Elective


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Sample the experience for yourself with our free demonstration

You can register for a free demonstration. It provides you with access to selected content from Global Knowledge's Application Development On-Demand Classes:

  • Videos: Watch typical modules from different Applications Development Courses On-Demand.
  • Labs: Complete an orientation lab in the same environment you'll use for the hands-on live labs.
  • Knowledge Checks: Sample end-of-module assessments.

Please register your details for a free demonstration via our GK Digital demonstration page or speak to one of the team 22 96 66 00 or email us info@globalknowldge.no